Emergency Locksmith

Claremont 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

When it comes to emergency lock and key situations, Jacks Keys Service in Claremont fully understands the importance of providing immediate and reliable locksmith services. Have you lost keys to your home or office? Do you need to change locks and door keys immediately?

Locked out of your auto vehicle, home, or office? Have you misplaced your spare keys? Are you unable to open trunk or door to your auto? If you need an expert locksmith urgently, but don’t want to overpay, give us a call at (909) 821-5507

Emergency locksmith Claremont, CA services include:

  • – 24 hour locksmith (for auto, home, or office)
  • – Lockout solutions
  • – Professional lock picking
  • – Lost key solutions
  • – Master lock installation
  • – Spare key making & rekeying
  • – Broken key removal
  • – Car unlock & open trunk services
  • – Change locks and door keys
  • – Ignition key replacement
  • – Transponder key programming
  • – Change locks and door keys


The more common scenario regarding car lockouts however, is leaving your keys in the car and locking the door. This happens to countless people every day, especially around the early morning when leaving for work, or late at night when you’re ready to go home. Any time your distracted or have a lot to handle, you are at risk of absent-mindedly placing your keys down and locking the door. You might panic when this happens and feel tempted to try your luck at getting the car door open yourself, but DO NOT do this.


Emergency Locksmith Calremont 91711

While there are a lot of resources online that say you can pick your car’s lock on your own using hangers or knives, it’s best to leave it to a professional locksmith. Most of those tricks are easier with less expensive or older cars anyway, due to the lack of electronics and wiring between the door. Jamming things in there with no real idea on what you’re doing will ruin the door and require extensive work to run new wires through.

Regardless of how convincing the Youtube videos out there may be, don’t assume you can lockpick into your car. With the tools we have access to, we can safely open your car door in a matter of seconds while protecting the investment you’ve already spent thousands on. We understand your time is important, but the damage you could do will be pricey, and there’s an easier alternative.

At Jacks Key Service, we come to wherever you are at whatever time you need us there. We can pop into your car in a second, and you can get to wherever you need to be.